You can now make secure online payments to our office 24/7! Just follow these simple steps:


1) Go to


2) Click the ‘Register’ icon


3) Enter all of your information and then click the ‘Submit Registration’ icon


4) After the “Confirm Registration” page comes up, you will need to go into your Email Inbox and complete the registration process. They will email you a link and once you click on the link, it will automatically finish the registration for you and then you are ready to login to your new account!


5)After you’ve logged in, click on the ‘Make a Payment’ icon on the left side of the page


6)It will then ask you for a “Statement Code.” The statement code to our office is MQ34L8


7)A small box will come up that asks you to confirm the following provider (James M. Donahue) and you will click the ‘Confirm’ icon. If it does not say James M. Donahue, then DO NOT confirm it and make sure you typed in the correct ‘Statement Code’


8)Now you can securely send payments to our office 24/7.


If you have any questions or need help with registration, please call our office at (803)788-7300.


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